Meet the Team – Key Account Manager

Meet Jack – our Key Account Manager at Original Biscuit Bakers. Jack gives us an insight into his role, day to day tasks and his favourite gingerbread to snack on.

1. How long have you worked at Original Biscuit Bakers, and what is your role?

I have worked at Original Biscuit Bakers for almost eighteen months. I first completed a one year work placement here through university, but have now returned since graduating. I mainly look after all customers and their accounts. When I first started I focused on the small accounts but now I am working with our largest customers as well. I put all orders on to the system and communicate our latest products and promotions with customers. Along with my colleague George, we deal with most new enquiries.

2. Describe an average day of work at Original Biscuit Bakers. 

Every morning the first job is to check my emails, this is to see if anything urgent has come up that needs dealing with quickly. I also check our online customer database to see if any actions are needed with any customers, such as calling them to enquire about an order. The day is usually planned around this, as some days I may have lots of enquiries or some days I only have a few.

Twice a year we complete a forecast predication of sales for each customer, then at the end of each month I go through the sales of each customer. This is to compare our sales against what we have predicted to see if we are on track with our targets. I also work with the Production Manager to run through the production order list. We communicate this to ensure we have all the correct stock in for every order going out the next week, and that it is ready to dispatch.

Recently, I have started the technical specification forms and the new line forms for our gingerbread. This is a new part of my role so it will be a challenge to get used to.

3. Describe your favourite part of your role at Original Biscuit Bakers. 

I like the forecasting that we complete twice a year. For our larger customers it can be more than twice a year, depending on how much they are purchasing from us, sometimes we need to go over our figures. I really enjoy this part of the job as I find it interesting to compare, I did A-level Accounting so am pretty good with figures.

4. What is the nicest feedback you have received from customers, about you or our products?

After my first year I had many nice emails, mostly thanking me for dealing with their enquiries that year. On Instagram, we get a lot of great feedback about our products, which is really nice to see.

5. What is your favourite product and why?

My favourite gingerbread has to be Larry Puccino, the moustache just makes me laugh. 

6. How would you describe working at Original Biscuit Bakers?

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Decorating staff are all so cheerful and up for a laugh, it makes a really nice working environment. The management are all approachable and you never need to hesitate to ask for help. They are really great teachers and encourage us all the time. Overall, it is a really nice atmosphere.

7. What made you want to work at Original Biscuit Bakers? And what made you want to be an Account Manager?

I did a years work placement here while still at university. This helped me understand what it was like before I decided to come back permanently, I knew that it was a great place to work and knew all of the people.

I decided to go into business as I took business and accounting A-level and used to work along side my dad with his own business. I then chose to do business at university as I got good grades at A-level and it was a  subject that I understood well. I really enjoy my role as I love interacting with customers and building customer relations.

8. Outside of work, do you have any hobbies?

I play football for two football teams, I am all about the sports. I play and watch sports all the time. I also have a dog so I like to spend time with him. I play football every Saturday and Sunday though as well as working Monday to Friday so I am pretty busy.

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