How to Throw a Children’s Afternoon Tea Party.

  1. Pick a Date
  • Pick a date and send out some creative invites
  • Whatever the theme may be you can tailor your invites accordingly whether it be fairies, unicorns or traditional afternoon tea setting.
  1. Plan Your Menu
  • Assorted sandwiches: keep things simple and choose two of your child’s favourite fillings, cut them out with cookie cutters to impress the guests.
  • Original Biscuit Bakers decorated gingerbread. Order some delightful treats to match the theme of the tea party, there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Other assorted sweet treats
  • ‘Tea’ of choice- squash, fizzy pop, J20 etc.
  1. Set The Table
  • Make your children’s afternoon tea party memorable. Cover the table with a pretty cloth, place themed centre pieces and table decorations such as small clusters of flowers, confetti and many more.
  • Of course you can’t forget the all-important ‘tea cups’ you can find a good selection of appropriate children’s cups online and in high street stores.
  1. Party Games
  • Art and crafts is always a great idea to get everyone involved. Create a craft station with glue, glitter, ribbons, stickers, paper and colouring pencils. Guests can decorate their own tiaras, wooden spoons to create their own fairy wands or do some colouring in.
  • Create a dress up station with a mirror and dress up clothes. Ensure there’s lots of costume jewellery, fun hats and maybe even some makeup (if you’re brave enough) for your little guests to try on.
  • Or alternatively bake some gingerbread shapes and have an edible creative station including icing tubes, sweets, sprinkles and edible glitter.
  1. Tea Party Favours
  • The perfect party favours are of course the party packs from the Original Biscuit Bakers website, you can choose from Fairy Princesses, assorted dinosaurs, assorted farmyard range and personalised Unicorns.

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