Elmo The Elf Is Back!

Guess who’s back! Elmo is visiting all the way from the North Pole for the Holidays. He’s come to have some fun with us and bring some festive cheer to Original Biscuit Bakers!

We will be posting daily updates throughout December on what trouble he gets into throughout Advent, so make sure to keep a watch out on our social!

Here’s what Elmo got up to during the first week of Advent –

Day 1 – Elmo arrived from the North Pole
Day 2 – He was found trying to sneak a taste of Kiwi Bottles Champagne
Day 3 – Elmo was packaging some duo boxes
Day 4 – Elmo was found stuck in the crinkle cut paper box
Day 5 – He’s started decorating the offices with Christmas decorations
Day 6 – Elmo was playing around with the photocopier!
Day 7 – Elmo was messing around in the decorating room!
Day 8 – Elmo the Elf got into the festive spirit by digging out his best Christmas jumper in support of Save Children UK for Christmas Jumper Day 2022!

If you need to catch up on what he’s been up to, don’t worry, you can view all his activity through our ‘Elmo’ highlight on Instagram!

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