Conquering Tough Mudder!

On Saturday the 9th of September, the Gingerbread Warriors embarked on the remarkable 15K Tough Mudder! All in the name of supporting a cause near and dear to our hearts: The Buddy Bag Foundation.

Our journey to complete Tough Mudder was filled with sweat, grit, and moments of doubt. Yet, with each obstacle we overcame, our troops found motivation from the knowledge that our efforts were making a meaningful impact to a wonderful cause! All members of the team managed to concur the grueling course with nothing more than a few scrapes, bruises and VERY sore legs! Completing the challenge walking hand in hand through the finish line.

All of the teams hard work and dedication helped raise £1,820 for the Buddy Bag Foundation, 100% of the funding will go towards assembling special curated Buddy Bags containing vital items for children in emergency care and refuge centers.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who generously contributed to our JustGiving page. Your support has been instrumental in helping us make a real difference through our Tough Mudder achievement. Your donations have not only inspired us but have also directly contributed to the vital mission of the Buddy Bag Foundation. We couldn’t have done it without your kindness and belief in our cause!

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